LED Light for Development

Electric light at any time For us to normal life. Whenever we want to be productive, we can trust that enough light is available to us for a safe workflow available. In many rural areas around the globe, this is not so obvious. The lack of light after sunset inhibits many places the development of societies.

The revolution in LED technology in recent years has created a sustainable and effective alternative for this global problem. LED lights of the youngest generation are more robust, efficient and above all cheaper than ever before. Coupled with photovoltaic systems for energy they can squares, streets and homes supplied with light that were previously completely dark at night. While in Germany and the rest of Europe the nationwide switch to LED lights probably cosiness is rather sluggish, produced in the southern hemisphere is an increasing demand for practicable and at the same time sustainable lighting solutions.

600 million people now live in Africa alone without access to electricity. Night on For it stands still life. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has this issue therefore a top priority. Together with its partners, would under the new UN Agenda 2030 to equip rural communities with the necessary photovoltaic systems and LED modules and train personnel for its maintenance. The German light rent therefore is very pleased to note the positive contribution that makes the research of the LED industry to sustainable development of our planet.