LED Lamp Beam Angle

LED lamp beam angle

A maximum viewing angle which is commercially available LED lamp currently around 180 degrees around, this angle is required especially for surfaces and background lighting. zB for furniture-accent lighting, name plates, kitchen cabinets, or billboards. A 100° angle is similar to the angle from which a person can see a text well.

Light-emitting diodes, used spotlights, headlamps or spot as a spot, it’s in the choice of the proper angle on the object to be illuminated the size. Some LED spots such as 3 × 1 Watt or 4 Watt CREE lamps are equipped with a special lens. Using this optics, adjusted the angle and the light beam are distributed through a lens of Matt something soft. A clear lens with a 30-45 ° angle is advisable for spot lighting.

  • The viewing angle describes indicative in many light-emitting diodes. If the light-emitting diode has an internal or external optical expansion or alteration, the beam angle can vary considerably.

When a bulb several light-emitting diodes close together build could be the light in places where several circles of light overlap intensively. Lighting without optic stem is suitable for such lamps therefore better LED. As these intensely illuminate the Center to the edge of the light intensity evenly to.

LED bulbs with a higher luminosity of as power LEDs or Hight Lumen LEDs compared to standard LEDs or incandescent-generate a very strong light. Therefore caution is taken to see LED may damage the retina of the eye directly into the.