LED Kitchen Lighting

LED bulbs, small bulbs to energy generation, evolved much for one or two years. More powerful and efficient, they now lend themselves to all uses, including in the kitchen. And suddenly, the lighting is deco!

What do the LED?

A LED (English abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic component that allows the transformation of electricity into light. This is, to date, the most economical light source (it consumes very little), performing and sustainable (40,000 hours on average). Their performance double every two years while their price drops by 20% each year. Led home lighting may represent 70% of the light from here to 2020.

The LED lights have many advantages. They reach their maximum level of brightness from the ignition. They don’t heat up to 32 ° (against 70 ° for the CFL), are insensitive to shock, contain no mercury and are largely recyclable as non-hazardous waste. LED lights also have the advantage of light without dazzling.

LED, stars of deco lighting

Very compact, the LED lights are easy recessed into false ceilings (there are the extra-plates of 4 mm only). But they also lend themselves to multiple design solutions, their small size allowing them to integrate into every corner.

  • The directional Led spots are perfect to illuminate the work plan, the sink or the cooking corner.
  • In the form of strips or ribbons to stick (transparent or colored), the LED lights come beautifully illuminate the underside of high furniture or the length of the work plan.
  • For those nostalgic for incandescent lamps, LED lights mimicking these famous bulbs filament for a retro effect, which will be the best effect in a nice suspension is now found.
  • Unless you prefer a very deco square ceiling provided a multitude of Led for good illumination of the room.
  • And why not a small reading light clip on a shelf according to his needs: very convenient to read a recipe or cut sausage in happy hour!

LED lights where you don’t expect them

The LED lights are perfect to enhance certain elements of kitchen: inside windows and glass cupboards, along the shelves, and even in Museum markup how baseboards. There are also tablets inlaid led that advantageously replace the ordinary shelves of a kitchen that is design. It can also lighten the furniture placing bright ribbons (strips) on the plinth of low furniture. These will then appear to be levitating. And to transform his cock in laser beam, secure is a luminous tip giving the impression that the water is colored. Some models even vary from blue to red depending on the temperature of the water. Ideal to avoid burns!

Techno news

Among the novelties of the time, we love music, with a remote control and a bluetooth speaker bulbs for cooking light and music. Or still teaches light way Café, to encourage friends to share with you a small espresso. To highlight some of the work plan, why not a wall of retro look but who hides his game since it’s adjustable, adjustable lighting and it is equipped with a USB socket to recharge his cell phone.

A good bright comfort

Today, we choose bulbs according to their luminous flux which is expressed in lumens (lm). For a soft light, 400 to 500 lumens are sufficient. For a powerful light, opt for models of 700 to 800 lumens and up to 1600 lumens for a very powerful light (ceiling, for example). And for a better comfort, opt for CRI (color rendering index) of 80 and more. More IRC is close to 100, more artificial light provided by the lamp is close to the natural light of the Sun.