LED Industry Tubes

The German light Rent offers its customers highly efficient and specially adapted lighting solutions that protect our environment and save money. The continuous development of our LED products is for us a matter of course. The latest result of this innovation process is our T8 HE 150 LED industry tube.

With an output of eg. 35 Watt High Efficiency LED industry tube achieves a luminous flux of over 4,700 lumens while saving energy by more than 60% in the counter-set to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps a. The tubes are available in a light color of either 4,000, 5,000 or 6,500 K and obtain due to their wide radiating angle of 120 °, a high-quality, homogeneous and uniform illumination. By full brightness without warming up and the high switching capability, the LED bulbs in socket B22 can also be combined perfectly with a sensor. Because the lights temperatures from -35 to +70 ° C withstand any problems, they are well suited for cooling and storage rooms as for manufacturing companies who are dealing with higher temperatures, such as in metal processing. The external LED drivers meet all security levels required in Germany and operate at the highest power stability.

The LED industry tubes of German Lighting rental are mercury-free and RoHS -compliant and can easily be exchanged quickly and safely. They represent a viable and sustainable LED alternative to classic T8 fluorescent lamps with conventional or low loss or electronic ballast. Other applications for the extremely durable tubes with low maintenance requirements are department stores and retail, hospitals, corridors, staircases Homes and parking garages.