LED Flashlights from Lamps Marks Lenser

Lamps marks Lenser

Lamps LED Lenser brand is from German, whose models are the best known around the world with one of the largest sales of LED flashlights.

Hundreds of patents and design awards make up the brand, it is now a company of more than 1,000 employees, with three manufacturing bases and a series of some of the LED- flashlights of the highest quality in the world. And today, as in the beginning, still driven by light, the issuance, channelling and feeding.

Advantages of Lenser lamps

In a nutshell, Led Lenser lamps and lanterns used more efficient than any other lamp light output in the market. This means that when a Led Lenser light compared with one from a competitor, Led Lenser light will actually be brighter.

This is accomplished through a lens of the lens / reflector called “Advanced focus system” for its acronym in English AFS. The lights Led Lenser are the only products used with AFS in the world..

In addition to its patented AFS, some reasons to buy this brand are:

  • Common battery sizes: these lamps are powerful, but no need for expensive or hard-to-find batteries.
  • Advanced circuitry and cooling: your system allows very long execution times with high power heating the LED chip.
  • Materials: They use best materials for the use of light, as the anodized aluminium and polycarbonate for extreme temperature.
  • Modular construction: Thanks to its modular system, the light can be repaired or replaced in sections, as necessary, which is easier, faster and better for the environment environment.
  • Easy focus: you can hold with one hand and be managed with the thumb, in addition that its approach is quite useful.
  • Charging system: its floating charge system simply wall-mountable charging system and connect it. You also have an option to load from your USB using your laptop, car, hotel room or USB port.

Lenser brand products

Among the most popular products of the brand Lenser are hand lanterns and lamps for head, with a variety of size and characteristics that are suited to every need.