Lamps for the Living Room: What is Important?

After moving, we discovered that the previously used bulbs could be taken over in barely one case. A sticking point was just the living room. By supplied made size we needed plätzlich not only one but three lamps that should illuminate the room and the furniture is comfortable. When choosing, we have learned a lot.

select living room lamps is not so easy. Because the lights must not only look good but also meet a certain practical purpose. It is important at the beginning that you are working with a standard lamp socket. Here I recommend to always work to E27, as the choice of color temperatures and species is quite large.

Asked is deviated like, from which the lamps must be for the living room for a material. If glass is chosen, a high attachment would be recommended – especially in homes where people like to push times the table aside to have a little more space. Lamps active sites may be of glass, of course, too, but this one or another shock should be able to resist already. Alternatively, metal provides high stability.

Again and again there are also lamps that are combined with wood. I appreciate the natural material very, however, seems to me that most equipped with wooden bulbs are quite old and therefore not fit for modern living rooms. But there is just the interaction with some dark woods good results that will surely act interesting in a room with colonial furniture.

We had our lights then ordered from an online store, which could provide us, for a fraction of the glass, also suitable replacement. A similar online store offers Lampcommerce where products of Artemide, Fabias and Luxit sold. Look around you and throws to take a look at hardware stores. Perhaps the selected lamps are available there just reduced.

The right mounting equipment

If you have purchased the right lamp, you still faces a problematic choice: the right attachment. I must admit that I have found to a simple IKEA lamp, still no light with a simple attachment mechanism. However, because the lamp is to hang several years, a stable and good-looking attachment is simply important.

Friend of planning I recommend the respective mechanisms of usage times to take a close look. How successful a solid and seamless tightening on the ceiling? Are the existing hook, or should we perhaps hold the hardware store for a suitable solution DeRene out? Planning and skill go hand in hand to ensure a pleasant living room acting.

Short for Technology: Although electronics is not my forte, I come with the connection of lamps along well now. Turns beginning with the fuse for the room, the security for the whole apartment, from. With a voltage tester (screwdriver luminescing lamp at power) you can check whether there is still power available. Then it is only the respective cable colors to combine – Attention: the yellow-green cable is connected to the housing.

Let’s not confuse you, if instead of colors suddenly appear letters. N is the neutral and to be connected to Blue. L can be combined with brown or black. After connecting, you can activate the breaker back on, flip the switch and go with available light to the attachment.