Lamps Design Made with Plastic Containers

There is no doubt that the recycling It brings us pleasant surprises from time to time, and one of them is this series of lamps designed by Sarah Turner and made with reused plastic bottles. The bottles are collected and washing with a jet of sand into these fun lamps.

Rolled, twisted and grouped form screens that can hang from the ceiling or light from a table or the floor, depending on your support.

But again we see as a good idea against the backdrop of the recycling and all that it entails, back out to the market with a price that breathtaking: about 800 euros, at least to me already I passed completely.

Perhaps I who has the problem, and the designers have all the right to put a high price on their creativity, but inevitably are two concepts that are of cakes in my head.

For the more handyman is a brainstorm who dares try again?