Lamp Bow by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

The Arc lamp This lamp that forms a semi-circle and that you have seen in the places is most chic that I’ve shown here. Lamp is quite expensive (comes out for a few 1,500 euros Depending on the site) and despite having been created in 1962 remains one of the most desired. Let’s see what is the history of this milestone of the design.

This lamp was designed by Milanese architects Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, He was looking for a solution to make a floor lamp in a ceiling lamp and, although the design is now more obvious, at the time was a revolution. The base of the lamp is a parallelepiped of white Carrara marble (the same that Miguel Ángel used for his sculptures) that weighs about 65 kg to fix the “ arc ” itself. The hole that has in it is used to insert a broom stick (no kidding) and so you can move it between two people from one place to another in a simple and easy way.

The arch is made of several sections stainless steel U-shaped telescopic-hidden ones inside others, which gives more amplitude lamp and enables its owner to choose three heights to put the bulb and screen. It is assumed that the Castiglioni brothers were inspired by the street lanterns to create this design.

The screen consists of two parts: a fixed hemispherical shaped perforated to facilitate ventilation of the bulb and the other is a ring of aluminum mobile, supported the first addressing the light according to the height of the last section of the arch. The maximum distance that can reach horizontally from the base of the lamp is two meters, while in height, the bulb can be suspended to two and a half meters of soil.

In all these years in which it has been manufactured by Flos House, the only modification that has suffered the design has been to adapt your electrical system standards. Currently, this lamp allows the regulation of the light to give a more intimate atmosphere when necessary.

To me this is one of the lamps that I like more and I never tire of seeing them never. It is true that there are enough imitations on the market from 200 euros but are not so cool (and are of Carrara marble).

As a curiosity, will tell you that Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni are also the inventors of the switch many have on the bedside lamps, you know what, the rectangular with the rectangulito.

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