Know the Lamps Low Consumption

They have overtaken our old incandescent light bulbs low consumption are now the Queens of the rays of electricity because economic and less expensive than leds. But in fact, what is a lamp low consumption? Zoom on everything you need know to know the characteristics of a light bulb low consumption.

Lamps Low Consumption (LBC)

Also called lamp CFL or energy, the light bulb low consumption is a fluorescent bulb whose tube is a miniaturized version of the industrial fluorescent tube. It is called low consumption because, according to its quality, it consumes 4-5 times less than a conventional bulb and lasts 6 to 10 times longer for same luminous efficiency. Its lifetime is estimated between 7000 and 15000 hours depending on the quality of the product.
Also, to replace your incandescent by a CFL bulb, divide the capacity by 4. For example, to replace a 100-watt incandescent lamp, choose a light bulb low consumption of 25 watts. Good to know from the performance of a lamp low consumption equals 60 lumens per watt.

Of the Essential Criteria For Light Bulbs Low Consumption

Be aware that light bulbs low consumption come in a multitude of forms, offer many units but also the IRC (index of rendering of colours) and compatible with your different luminaires of different color temperatures and to choose according to the rooms of the House.
Nerve, nerve E 27 and E 14 are the most common units to screw. The units to bayonet are GU10 and MR16 or GU 5.3. For forms, there are blisters on bulbous globe or cylindrical, but also more narrow twist or stick, flame, spot or reflector.

What to know about CFL

The CFLs can present disadvantages which make them more unsuited to certain uses. Prefer them for extended lighting because they take a long time before they reach their full power. They have a cycle of ignition / extinction limited and cold, this is why you should not install them outside in the winter. Moreover, the majority of them are not compatible with a dimmer. But all these drawbacks fade with new light bulbs low consumption for these uses.
Light bulbs low consumption must be recycled because they contain a small amount of mercury: 0.005% of the weight. They are almost entirely recyclable. Finally, there is now lamps low consumption without so-called liquid mercury amalgam. The mercury they contain can be recycled.