Installation Guide LED Tube

Led light technology has made it possible to create in the home, Office and outdoors, very particular and original lighting systems. In particular are among the most popular led strips and versatile for light furnishing your space. We have already seen How to mount the led strips, let’s see why and where to use led aluminium profiles for easy installation.

Why use led aluminium profiles

The profiles are not other that aluminium bars, inside which led strips are inserted. One of the main reasons why I recommend using is an easier installation and laying of the strips themselves. Aluminium, material of choice in plastic or pvc, ensures better heat dissipation and therefore greater durability and efficiency of the led Strip.

Where to use led profiles

For anyone who has a modicum of familiarity and passion for bricolage is not difficult to establish a profile for led lights, for the most common uses, such as seight kitchen cupboards, or along a lowering in plasterboard. Specially designed aluminium profiles for led lights produce any type of lighting with this type of technology is simple and safe and certain products allow you to give free rein to creativity.

Led profiles in the kitchen

The place where most commonly are part of led lights is cooking; These small lamps are perfect for making easier and more convenient to use the work plans, ensuring the correct view from any position. The simplest way to use led profiles in the kitchen is to position them below the wall units, in order to mount a strip of led lights white, to get a living light, to see without tiring your eyes.

With the same type of profiles you can brighten any home furniture, such as the inside of the cabinets or cabinets, or even library shelves, or a display case of stay, for a really nice effect.

Led stair profiles

You can find now profiles for led lights in different sizes and types, each of which has a conformation that makes it perfect for a particular purpose. Stair profiles specific templates can be set on the horizontal surface of the step or on the vertical one, in order to modulate the way you prefer the type of light you can get. Often this type of lighting is positioned outside in a garden or in a stairwell outside the apartment because the lights so positioned allow perfect vision at any time of the day. If you place the outside remember to connect the led strips to a proximity sensor or a twilight switch.

Led profiles for plasterboard

You also use aluminium profiles for plasterboard. These tiny structures allow you to drown in the wall of plasterboard led lights, so complete and total, without that note the presence of a support. These profiles have an appropriate side to insert drywall Panel on one side, the other one or more strips of LEDs. Before placing the Panel of plasterboard, remember to obtain a small opening for the passage of the power cable of the led strips.

Led outdoor profiles

The led strips can be placed equally both inside and out; for this reason, the aluminum profiles are prepared in such a way as not to suffer the damage caused by the weather, cold or direct sunlight. When you place an aluminium profile outside it is important that the led Strip is suitable for this purpose and therefore waterproof and resistant to rain and water in General.

You can also find very specific profiles, such as footed, suitable to place led lights on the floor, on the perimeter of a wall or even within the floor area, in order to create an original lighting and showy.