Illuminating the Baby Room

If you are waiting for your baby this topic is for you, so you can create the ideal lighting environment and the newest member of the family sits quiet in your space.

Illuminating the Baby Room

Natural lighting is important in every room, but sometimes the distribution does not provide for the rays of the Sun; Why artificial lighting is used.

In the baby’s bedroom, general lighting can be projected through a ceiling on the ceiling, which in addition to decorate will give clarity to the entire area. It is essential to have a dimmer to regulate light intensity, since a newborn pass most of the time sleeping and it is best not to disturb him waking him with a strong clarity.

An example of luminaire type decorative ceiling might be PTL – 8046/CR, in LED technology to achieve great savings and does not generate heat, or the FC-LED/10W/40.

As an option to complement the illuminated, decorative wardrobes, either fixed or adjustable, can generate light just in specific places where you need it, for example in the area where you clothe the baby.

You can place wardrobes directed on a shelf where to place ornaments, toys or utility for small items, which will give them enhancement and a special highlight.

You can choose recessed fixed as YDLED-100 / 7W/30/B, or airships such as the YDLED-379/10W/30/S, as well as spots to illuminate some decorative element, making it noted, as for example the YSN001-LED/4.5W/30/S, in LED technology.

In addition to installing general lighting in baby room, night light is also a good option. Night lights make children feel safer to sleep alone. Go to and choose decorative night lights to decorate the baby’s room!