Ideas to Enlarge a Dwelling

We are many who suffer from the problem of having small dwellings and small spaces, right?Because you have to know that there are tricks to improve the sense of scale and thus get the home appear larger. With these tricks are not going to get out of the House with a few more metres, but we can do it.

One of the main elements that allow us to create this greater illusion of amplitude is the lighting. Light is one of the key points for the succeed. The more there is lighting in the area, the higher it will appear the your space, especially if the light is natural.


So you can’t cover the Windows with heavy curtains. Uses only the blinds or lighter curtains for that light to flow freely. If housing does not have sufficient natural light and you have to use sources of artificial light, uses a uniform lighting source, avoiding light and shadows.


The color of the walls is also critical. The colors dark light intensive, darkening the House. White or yellow tones are ideal for maximising the light housing and create a greater sense of space.


Decorating with mirrors. Play with the effects of mirrors is phenomenal to generate more visual space. The reflection of the housing and the light will make the place look bigger. The more extensive are the mirrors, the better. And as far as possible to put them on the wall opposite the window.

Sobrecarregues housing with No furniture or accessories. How many fewer obstacles there are to the vision, the sense of reduction. And choose light furniture that will help you generate.