Ideas Recovery: What to Do With Old Bulbs?

To dress your table like to create pretty vases or even Christmas decorations, a beautiful suspension and garlands, simply use old bulbs. Want to know more ? Read our article!


A Nice Table Decoration

Do you have glass jars, free glitter or golden spray paint? Decorate your old bulbs and stack them in one or more jars to create nice centerpieces. An idea to remember for a wedding or for a family birthday.

You can also simply arrange a few light bulbs decorated by your care here and there for an equally pretty result.

Original Vases

Do you have children? There is no doubt that they love to pick pretty flowers to offer them to you. But finding a vase for daisies, for example, is not always easy. We often opt for a simple glass.The solution ? Transform your light bulbs into vases advised by

It could not be easier. Simply remove the cap from the bulb and empty it. Then find a support (wooden or scrap) and you get an original vase and perfect for small bouquets. You can also hang your ampoules-vases if you wish.

Beautiful Garlands

The garlands, whether luminous or not, bring a nice decorative touch to an interior. Why not make one or more with your old bulbs?

Fill them with buttons of all colors or multicolored beads. Connect them with a ribbon or string and hang your garland indoors or outdoors.

New Christmas Decorations

Fill your artificial snow bulbs, paint them silver or gold, draw various patterns on them … And you will get new 100% original Christmas decorations.

You can also turn them into Santa Claus, snowman and why not in Rudolph, the famous reindeer with the red muzzle.

If you have children, they will surely love this little DIY workshop until the presents arrive at the foot of the tree.

A Poetic Suspension

If you like to relax by making origami, you will certainly love this idea of ​​transforming ampoules in suspension full of poetry.

Take several emptied bulbs, cables or twine, wire or nylon and patterned paper. Create origami characters (birds, for example) and insert them into the light bulbs.
Next, grab your cable or string and hang there the origami bulbs. Your suspension is created, it remains for him to find a place.