How to Fix a Light Fixture

My lamp no longer lights! How to fix a light fixture?

Like any electronic device, nothing is eternal. However, you just bought a lighting less than a year ago, and yet, you doubted you that he can’t die like that. And well you’re right! In itself, the lighting is not dead. It is just one of the many components which dropped. You will discover in this article, what are the components that are required to re-design. How to fix a light fixture?

How to Fix a Light Fixture

A. all my lights do not illuminate more!

Your fixture containing several light bulbs and/or types of bulbs (Gu4, Gu9, E14, E27) does more than all? No bulb not working?
This problem is NOT the bulbs themselves. The probability that they are all grilled at the same time is too low.
To start this diagnosis, consider first if:

-The lamp no longer lights by remote control, but with the switch to Yes.

-The lighting lights in any of the cases.

(1) The remote control does not turn on my light fixture!

Don’t panic! If indeed you can turn on your ceiling or chandelier through the switch, there is nothing wrong with your light! This remote control can have two origins. Here are the solutions KosiLum brings you.

-Problem with the remote control : Nothing is infallible, it is possible that your remote control is dysfunctional. Try to replace the batteries.If after this the remote control no longer works, it is the technology of the remote that is out of order. To do this, contact our customer service, so that we can provide you with a replacement remote. Your fixture will then again controllable by remote control!

-Problem at the level of the receiver : even if after the exchange of remote control does not turn on your ceiling, and the single, another solution is to change the receiver. This receiver is located in the base of the lighting. By changing it, your light will again recognize the remote and you can re-take advantage of home automation.

(2) The switch or the remote control allow to turn on my light fixture!

In the vast majority of cases, you will get in this situation. You don’t know what to do and you’re too afraid to do the things you, you hesitate to call an electrician and pay a ridiculous sum. And yet the solution is just there, nothing complicated.
Still, there are two origins of the problem.

– Problem at the level of your electric installation : The electricians can be charlatans and charge you a lousy service. Take the bull by the horns! Cut off the electricity to your home, and check the cables for connection of the lighting. It is not very complicated, just connect the Brown wire to the Brown and blue to blue located in the domino of the lighting. Make sure that the copper wire is apparent and insert it deep into the domino.Screw all for good connect the two wires (one from the source of electricity and the other from the lighting). Once you feel that you have connect the coloured threads and after tightening, they don’t come out of the domino, turn on electricity and finally enjoy your chandelier or ceiling design.

-Problem with the electric transformer : The wires are well connected but your lamp does not illuminate? One of the components of the ceiling light must have burnt. In no case it comes to bulbs. This is probably the power transformer. This little white box connects the current between the son incoming and outgoing of the lighting. This component can suddenly dropped. Simply replace it. For twenty euros (or free if your ceiling is still under warranty), you will be able to resurrect your lighting at a glance. And besides, it’s very simple, always connect the Brown wire to the Brown, the blue wire with the… I’ll let you guess.
But sometimes, it can be that your processor loose with explanation. Take a look at the case of this component, and watch «Max […]» Watts ‘. Suppose that it is written ‘Max 160 W’ on the transformer. Then check out all the number of bulbs that possesses the lighting and the wattage of a single light bulb. If your ceiling has 10 20-Watt light bulbs each, and the explanation is here! You have done to your transformer 200W while that this could bear than 160W! It is much too powerful for him, it’s normal he dropped.
To resolve this problem (before installing a new transformer!) is to change your light bulbs. Take bulbs of 15W, so all will make 150W. 160W transformer will bear them without problem.
Also opt for the LED bulbs! A single LED bulb, consuming only 3W, will enlighten as much as a 20W halogen bulb. All will be 30W. Very easy to bear for your electric transformer!

To learn more about “How to change my E27 bulbs in LED”, click: LEDBULBBAY

B. one of my light bulbs no longer works!

This case is very easy to deal with.

(1) The simplest answer is often the best

Well, screw the bulb. Said like that, it sounds weird, but frequently, we panic in the face of a luminaire which cost us a hundred euros and who does not. A deep breath, relax and just make sure that you have good screwed the bulb (E14 and E27). If the lamp has bulbs G4 or G9, check that you have inserted in the deepest, the bulb in its socket. Finally, also check that the legs of the bulbs (two metal ends that allow to push them into the socket) are not broken. Otherwise, the current will not pass.

(2) A failure to bulb

The bulb you bought can also have a defect. She may already have burned.Observe well inside the bulb, if the filaments are intact. If there is a break at the level of the filament, your bulb may not illuminate.

Voila, you have seen through this article why your lamps and lights don’t light up more. So don’t panic, all solutions are here.