How To Choose The Right LED Bulbs For Your Home

Go for LED and CFLs-they use 4-5 times less power than halogens and lasts much longer. If you need to buy a bulb with good color reproduction, you should go for an Ra on at least 90 and a Kelvin at 2,700-3,300. Keep in mind that you now must look for Lumens rather than Watts.

Go for LED and CFLs instead of halogens. LED and CFLs use 4-5 times less power than halogens, so you can easily save over $ 100 during lamp life. Halogen lamp life is about 2 years, whereas the LED keeps 10-25 years and CFLs in approximately 6-10 years in average usage time.


Check out the 5 things in the store

There are 5 things you need to look at when you should buy a bulb:
1. Colour rendering (Ra/CRI) Select Ra > 90, if the colour reproduction is extra important.

2. Light color Choose a bulb with a colour designation on the 2,700-3,300 Kelvins, then you get a light bulb with a warm light, which is equivalent to the incandescent lamp chromaticity.

3. Levetid

after a long life:
CFLs: at least 10,000 hours
JOINTS: at least 25,000 hours

4. Lumen

In the future, look for lamp luminous flux rather than its wattage consumption. Luminous flux is measured in lumens. View of the table, the lumen you must select in order to get the same amount of light as with your old incandescent bulb.
WATTS-Watts-gloede_-goodbye .0_04-2013. png LUMEN goodbye-Watts-spare_-.0_04-2013. png
Incandescent compact fluorescent lamp, LED bulb, Halogen-
incandescent bulb
15 w 140 lm
25 w 250 lm
40 w 470 lm
60 w 800 lm
75 w 1050 lm
100 w 1,520 lm

5. Look for the energy label light bulbs must be labelled with the EU energy labelling. Best choice:
Cfls: (A)
LED: A + or better
Halogens: C (230 Volt)/B (for low voltage)


Before you buy

The bulb can be exchanged? Ask at the shop if you can swap the bulb, if it does not meet your needs.
Can the bulb dims? Consider whether the bulb must be dimmed. Ask at the shop, on the can.
Check out socket and dimensionerTjek both plinth and dimensions so you are sure that the bulb fits your lamp.
Check out the dispersion angle check if bulb-lamp and light scattering angle to fit function. It is often on the packaging and be specified as degrees (°). Dispersion angle should be 180 ° for general lighting. Is it significantly below, is the bulb suitable for spots or work lighting.


Lamps with built-in bulb

More and more lamps on the market have built-in LED light bulbs, which you cannot change. Here it is all the more important that you choose the right the first time, because you can’t just buy a new bulb.

View always the lamp with the light in, before you buy it. And look after the same things as other pears: in particular, the color rendition, chromaticity and lumen. Also note the longevity, so you know how long you can expect to have the lamp.