How to Choose the Right Bedside Lamp

Sleep is essential for your small and, on the day of his birth. To improve its environment and to further ensure comfort, you will quickly use a baby pilotthen set up a bedside lamp in his room so he is not afraid of the dark or loneliness During the night. Ains, especially his sleep will be even more beneficial for him fulfillment and self-confidence. Moreover, this type of lamp also has a purely decorative function to customize the room of your little one.Which model to choose among the bedside lamps for little girl or boy room?

Remember that babies do not support the same light intensity as older children or adults. Before buying a lamp, you must first identify your needs and use that you will make. In general, the criteria of choice of parents mainly revolve around the intensity of light, the practicality and style of the lamp.

As our comparative baby night lights , MVB has established a small comparative to guide you in your choices. To find the bedside lamp for your child, follow these tips!

How to Choose the bedside lamp for my child?

A bedside lamp is indispensable in the bedroom of a child to ensure his well-being and comfort during the night but in the morning, when the flaps are closed or still in the middle of the night, he came to wake up because of a bad dream … the models on the market are numerous, but like to choose the features of a night , choosing a bedside lamp always depend on your needs and your desires.

you want the simple, practical and very decorative? Here are the criteria you should check before you buy!

The light

As this is a lighting child’s room, you need to choose the right light intensity. As a boy nightlight , bedside lamp teenage boy certainly does not suit a baby in infancy … To make the right choice, so you should consider the feeling of well-being to the needs of your baby or your children.

In short, you must choose a low intensity light for the baby to facilitate sleep and give the room an atmosphere light of well being . For a child over 2 years, opt for lamps with a more illuminating light intensity to achieve full sense of security in his room. Teens prefer meanwhile the automatic models  or brighter lights.


The convenience of a bedside lamp can be perfectly accompanied by a touch of originality. Aside from classic models to connect to power, there are currently reading lamps for girl and boy touch, automatic, wireless, and even rechargeable …

The style

For those who prefer decorative lamps, all styles are allowed. Choose them according to the aspect of the child’s room and the size of the bed. For girls, you can guide your choice on the lamp bedside Girls Hello Kitty , Alice, Snow White, Betty Boop, Little Mermaid … you can buy a bedside lamp for girl original animal-shaped or more sophisticated.

for baby boys, prefer models to cars icons of Disney or other. The greatest love for their most colorful and friendly models. There are wooden models, roller, metal and even wrought iron (those friends here are reserved for larger children) … The price of a bedside lamp varies boutiques, models and brands but the models compared on MVB are the cheapest in the market and have a great value!