How to Choose Lighting for Home

When choosing the lighting of an environment, whether it is a home, office or outdoor areas, there is always the doubt as to which color and product to choose. In this article we will talk a little about what features to observe when choosing lighting, and give tips on how to opt for items that express what you are looking for.

Color Temperature

As much as choosing light is something seemingly simple, it is important to know that each of them sends different sensations in the human body. Have you noticed that offices and medical clinics usually have white and light colors?

This is because the human brain associates certain colors with feelings and sensations. For example, yellow light usually makes people relax, being ideal for living room, rest spaces and outdoor areas. White light is widely used in environments that send attention and awakening, such as bedrooms and offices.

Environments related to agitation, such as bars and ballads, have brighter lighting because it causes a sense of urgency and excitement.

How to Choose Lighting for Home

Do Not Just Depend On The Lights

Wall stickers and decor in general are also important items to watch. Try to combine them with the lighting to move more strongly the idea of ​​that environment (for example, a space of leisure with furniture and reddish paint). In BRIDGAT you can find different wall stickers that will help you to follow this idea.

Notice also how light reflects what exists in the environment. If you have, for example, a store, look for the ideal light for showcases and shelves, so that it does not influence the color of your products.

Curiosity: Who Lights The Most, White Or Yellow?

There is always this debate, since often the person wants a light that has greater power of enlightenment. But the answer may surprise you: there is no difference between the illumination of the two tones. What influences when talking about lighting by leds is the amount of lumens (amount of light that arrives in the environment), regardless of the colors.
But with our experience of almost 20 years in the field, we say: do not worry, choose to choose a lighting appropriate to your environment, and send the feeling that you prefer.