Hiroshi Tsunoda Flamp Lamp

The design makes time that began to put aside the conventionalism to reinvent the objects by placing them in contexts never seen before. Lamps have been major beneficiaries of these changes, becoming unusual objects on many occasions.

A clear example is the Flamp lamp, designed by Hirosi Tsunoda, portable and with a rare appearance, since it is made of cardboard and its design simulates a box. In the Center, cut out the figure of a traditional lamp, leaving to escape the light, sifted by a polypropylene plastic sheet.

At the top, it carries a handle that allows to transport it without complications. It includes a matte light bulb and admits a maximum of 40 watt bulbs incandescent, and unlimited in the case of bulbs of low consumption. It has a price of 32 euros and sells it Design Code, through its store online.

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