Help the Belgium to Spend a Warm Winter: Use LED Lighting

Discussions on the use of electricity is rife. It will have to reduce our use of energy. But how can a country like the Belgium know a current shortage? As it is absurd to have to reduce our Christmas lights?

If everyone do it consumes slightly less as usual, it seems to us that there will be no problem. The authorities have even created a website with an indicator of consumption and tips for accused the energy shortage. Sure, there are several ways to go. For example here at home, you can read why LED lighting is cheaper in the long run.

Short term, incandescent lamps are less expensive than LED lamps. But you don’t buy when not even short term, no? That’s why it’s smart and it’s worth investing in the LED lighting. This is not only beneficial for your portfolio, but you help the environment. Indirectly, you also help the whole Belgium, which saves energy. So, what is the difference? In this example, we use a lamp to SPL E27 incandescent and a Philips to the Core Pro E27 LED lamp.

When you look at the hours of consumption, you will notice clearly LED lamp lights up five times more than the incandescent lamp. The difference seems not enormous, because the LED lamp is almost eight times more expensive than the incandescent lamp. The real difference, you will find it on your energy bill. The LED lamp consumes five times less than the incandescent lamp. If you don’t use that an LED lamp, the difference will be minimal, of course, but if you install LED lights throughout the House, it’ll be a serious economy very quickly noticed on your electricity bill.

Of course, the use of the LED lamps is not the only way to save energy. You still have other tips to reduce your bill of lighting and other energy consumption? Do something please, thank you!