Headlight for Bike

One option we have to move with our bike at night is a headlamp. If you are passionate about going out at night in the countryside you will know that a good light for your bike is absolutely essential.

This front bike focus can be supplemented with led front flashlight, such as the bike headlight Katia.

We have looked at this camping front for several reasons, one of the main is the price, this front only costs 17.40 euros, a really good price for a led light with rechargeable battery with a power of 4200 lumens.

It is a frontal with 3 led lights that will allow us to see with total clarity, has three options, normal brightness, bright and intermittent. Ideal if we just want to be seen.

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But what makes me cherish this frontal flashlight is that we can use it as a normal bike spotlight, it is designed both to be mounted on our head and placed on the handlebar, this way we have a perfect bike light for night out.

The power of this front is 4200 lumens, perhaps a little adjusted for our most demanding night out (it is always better to go left with lights for bicycles of 6000 lumens) but is ideal as a complement, that is, we will always mount a front led between 6000 and 1000 lumens and in the areas where we need an “extra” of illumination, such as pronounced descents, leafy forests where the moon does not “help us anything” or in areas of many curves or traffic where we must be recognizable at long distances. It is also perfect if our main light fails us on the battery and “dies” ahead of time, we can return home thanks to the power of our front focus.

We also have the option of using it inside the city, although with 4000l in our head we can dazzle the one that comes from the front, the intermittent format allows us to be seen without dazzling and with a lower battery expense.