He Do It Same from Maison Martin Margiela

Occasionally I feel obliged to bring these pages some designs that surely will have its merit, but that to me cost me Dios and help find it, and more than ready, seem to be hoaxes of hair in every rule. These lamps belonging to the Line 13 of Maison Martin Margiela collection, they are a clear example.

In times of economic hardship, or simply for the pleasure of creating, many have felt the temptation to ask our father that precious bottle of whisky empty where we’ve seen a pretty lamp for our first home. It is a decorative recycle classic, charming and practical. But from there to a prestigious designer to launch a line of lamps made with recycled bottles, and as I suspect it will also happen in this case, the copper price of gold, going a stretch.

But of course, that will make the poor, if they then go to an exhibition and when they will leave the gum in the ashtray called attention is a very expensive and very important work of the cantamañanas of the day … truck is running and we are trying to pass for chic, cool and exclusive we all can do with an empty bottle a screen, cable, and a lamp holder.