Halogen Lights vs LED Savings Calculator

LED, compact fluorescent or halogen lamp? Who is in the hardware store shelf and prices compare see fast: Halogen bulbs are the cheapest. These are long term but a fallacy, as the Stiftung Warentest in the current issue, calculates. It is precisely the cheapest when you buy halogen lamps come in the long term the most expensive.

Halogen Lights vs LED Savings Calculator

LED bulbs are still relatively new to the market and therefore more expensive than the known compact fluorescent and halogen lamps. Nevertheless, the additional cost of LEDs expect after a year.

Halogen Lamps are More Expensive Fast

In the calculation example, the testers are based on a purchase price of 15 euros and add to the cost of electricity. Due to the high power consumption, the halogen lamps (Strike two euros) about the cost of the LEDs cause after a year – and are significantly more expensive after two years. The power consumption of the compact fluorescent lamp is approximately at the level of the LEDs.

Clear Victory for the LED lamps

In the long term halogen lamps are the “cheap” even three times as expensive as the LEDs. LEDLightsClassified  makes for a long-term bill to twelve years back. Considering the results include the cost of replacement lamps: So four halogen lamps is estimated for the period, two well as an LED lamp. Their life is indeed next to the high luminous efficiency and low power consumption one of the outstanding advantages.

Halogen Lamps Cost in the long run Three Times

Halogen lamps cost for the twelve years a total of 200 Euro and compact fluorescent lamps 87 euros and the LED only 59 Euro: clear victory and unequivocal recommendation so for the LED lamps. The price of electricity was estimated at 28 cents / kWh, calculated the daily operating time of three hours.

LED Bulbs are Good for the Environment

What is good for the wallet, the environment benefits too. Because of course means good energy efficiency also a positive ecological balance. Interesting here is the pollutant aspect. To include CFLs, unlike halogen lamps harmful mercury. But here you have to see the total bill: Halogen lamps consume even more power. According Warentest, the German power mix contains 40 percent electricity from coal power plants. And also produced mercury. This overloads in the LCA, the halogen lamps.