GU10 LED Bulbs

Ecological sustainability for tomorrow, with LED industrial lighting systems of today! As the Club of Rome in 1972 at the 3rd St. Gallen Symposium its study Limits of Growth on the future of the world economy and publications in the limited availability of natural resources themed, the concept of sustainability was first input into the international debate.

“To think ecologically sustainable is also for the German light rent one of the essential guiding concepts” explains Alexander Hahn. He continues: “The use of our LED bulbs ensures project-related CO2 savings of an average of about 65 percent, which exceeds all current objectives of Germany and the European Union reached in terms of climate protection”.

Good LED suppliers certify the savings of their products to the consumer. Therefore, all customers receive the German light rent a CO2 certificate, which identifies the beginning of the current savings and reached through the project reducing CO2 emissions to project approval. Under a sustainable business model is also understood that all LED products of German light rent designed for an extremely long lifetime, are repairable and recyclable.