German Quality Products – the LED Panel

The German light hire works with various types of businesses and industries. And different customers have different needs. The experience gained from years of collaboration and communication with our customers, we can therefore also in the development and production of our LED industrial lighting incorporated, as well as in our LED panel.

For those customers who require a more local lighting in the production of their products, we have in the German light rent the LED bulbs developed. With an output of 35-70 watts and a light color of either 4,000 or 5,000 K, the LED panel is ideal for smaller and lower manufacturing spaces. Therefore, we produce the panel in various sizes 60 × 60 cm, 120 × 30 cm and 120 x 60 cm. Thus, the new LED lighting system can be adapted to any space.

Especially when LED panel of external driver that meets all security levels required in Germany and the highest network stability is guaranteed. The energy saving when panel is compared to conventional louvre luminaires at least 50% and as with all products of the German light rent also the maintenance is minimal. The panel provides comprehensive, but at the same time poignant light and makes its balanced light color for an ideal working atmosphere.