German Quality Products II – the LED Bulbs

The German light rent takes care of all used sectors of a modern enterprise. In addition to the LED hall ceiling lights and the LED panels we therefore naturally also produces LED bulbs highest quality. Thus our LED lighting systems can be easily adapted to the respective requirements of different parts of the operation of a customer.

The LED industry tubes are manufactured by us in three sizes, with 60cm, 120cm or 150 cm length. With an output of 14-35 watts and a light color of either 4,000, 5,000 or 6,500 K, according to PetsInclude, the LED bulbs are ideal for indirect lighting of the workplace or a weaker illumination of high-traffic rooms such as operating warehouses and common areas.

The CRT longevity keeps maintenance costs low and the LED technology allows compared to traditional T8 bulbs, an energy saving over 60%. Again, ensures the external driver highest quality and safety standards. Because the life of a LED bulb industry to make optimum use, the compact design of driver and LED must be such that the operational heating of the components is dissipated. The external drivers of Deutsche light rent guarantee this through its intelligent design and ensure that the LED industry lights are constantly supplied with the ideal current value.