Geometric Shapes Exude Elegance

The Apparatus, design studio located in New York, shows that their creations go beyond good taste. With timeless reference, the lighting fixtures from the new collection are marked by a modern aesthetic and made of hand-wrought materials, such as brass, bronze and glass.


The objects involved geometry and defy the laws of physics, since exploring concepts of gravity. “We want to pass the feeling that chandeliers are literally pulled down,” says Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar. The solution was to give stability todo I won ar retro and natural finish.


On the threshold of art and design, the pair was inspired by the simplicity of traditional sculptural pendants found in jewelry design to launch individual luminaires, double or triple rooms. The line titled Lariat includes creations with design that resembles a real tear. Available as a system of pendants, can be customized.



Highlights also include the Trapeze line. With strong graphic appeal, the piece is a fixed triangle in space suspended for uninterrupted lines extended to the ceiling. This line extends to wall sconces, earning double rotation.



Drinking in the universe equine, the duo created other HorseHair and HorseHairline: Pendant Sconce. Evoking the grace and the strength of the animal, the accessories are made of horsehair plots combined with brass, etched glass and brass.


Baptized as Axon Lamps, the lamps feature a rounded harmonious blend of materials. Another star of the collection is the Cloud lamp XL. An evolution of the Cloud series, launched in 2012, the balls allow a larger lighting because of your increased diameter.