Garden Lighting

Our exterior lighting must fulfill two objectives: allow moving by night without problems and put the relief features of the garden to create a private universe. For this there are several key areas to illuminate and specific light place. Let’s take a look at all this in the following lines.

Functional and esthetic lighting

We must illuminate zones of priority passage to prevent falls. The most frequent thinks of a way to turn on simple and automatic. The motion detectors are the most interesting options at this time.

From an aesthetic point of view, the lighting allows us to improve our garden (facades, fountains, statues, etc). Determines the places and the elements that you want out of the dark. To make proof of the effects and experience you can use a portable projector

At the time of selecting the light points, think about respecting the style of the House and the garden. Stainless steel and design for a modern House, aluminum and classic shapes to a rustic House, etc. The exterior lights must integrate harmoniously in your garden both day and night.


Entry lighting

It’s important the team entry with outdoor lighting. The advisable is to place an outer apply on both sides or on the door downward lighting.

And the entrance is narrow, opts for a apply descendant equipped with a motion detector. If on the contrary you want to revalue a big entrance, pick a apply. If your entrance is located beneath an overhang of roof high enough, you can even put a lamp suspended.


Lighting of the concourses

To guide your visitors and make your passage is important to clear the passages of the garden. You don’t have to mark them with an excessively bright light, unless it’s a zone that presents a difficulty or a major obstacle.

For the lighting of these concourses it is recommended the use of lampposts. Puts every five meters, although this depends on the power and the winding that is the way.


Porch lighting

Ideal resting place for dinner and receive the guests, it is important for the lighting of this space is sweet and hot. To achieve this you can use wall appliques with diffuser (ground glass) that will achieve the effect to soften the light.

You can also use foot lamps. Put them around the porch so that they to delimit what do not prevent view the rest of the garden.