Garden Lighting Tips Tricks

You have a garden, terrace or balcony, and you have questions about lighting?

We have identified for you the 7 mistakes to avoid …

“The individual has always had its fulfillment through these successive encounters with the outside,” Francois Cheng.

The exterior is actually a space not to neglect to feel good.
At home, garden or terrace are real advantages: one more room, but outdoors! A place to remember and to illuminate optimally to spend evenings outdoors, watch the lighting mistakes … Follow the guide.

  1. Do not neglect decorative lighting.

General lighting is important on a terrace, including where the garden room or the dining table are installed. We must not neglect the mood light. As in a room, the mood lighting set the tone for your room and enhance your outdoor space. Ideal for rendering, vary the type of lighting and light objects used: spot , lamppost , applies , table lamp , bright objects …

  1. Conversely, not to bet on a decorative lighting.

Illuminate its exterior space with only decorative lighting is not a good way to highlight your terrace.
You must indeed ensure a good light intensity in key places: the table where you dine or you cross aisle need to be brightly lit; Decorative lighting will not be enough. It is important that you can see what you eat, you do not abimiez your view if you read and you do not fall in the pool because of a lack of light !!

  1. Do not overdose lighting.

Contrary to popular belief, garden lighting should not highlight the entire space, but rather sculpt the sparing of the shadows and highlights.
The portable lamp is a good way to illuminate your liking: place, move, turn, turn …

  1. Do not choose a too low light.

Choosing a too low light would lead to dial a garden too dark! We must choose the appropriate light intensity according to areas: patio, driveway, parking.

To be nice, the terrace must be sufficiently illuminated. Be sure to use the right number of lumens as the illuminated surface and choose fixtures with good distribution, particularly glass.

It is possible to bring a cheerful touch by adding color, but in moderation. The strip LED lamps are an alternative to place at strategic locations to structure your balcony, terrace …

  1. Use the right types of lighting in the right place.

Each luminaire, its function! Here are some tips for your strategic locations outside:

For the terrace, the choice is wide, but functional illumination is required (street light, suspension …).
For walls or large areas, think of the Christmas lights !

Another idea: Small spots embedded in the ground can mark the outline of the terrace in a decorative purpose, but also to delineate the well and avoid being walking in the adjoining mountains.

For driveways, markup spotlights in the path of the coating are a solution. It takes both sides of the aisle to the well delimited. It is also possible to use light terminals. Lighting from the bottom is ideal so as not to dazzle the people that run the driveway.

Enlighten your flowers! For a massive floral, lighting a light diffusing from the top is recommended. For shrubs deserving lit a spot shifted relative to the vegetable-oriented and it will enhance it.

Furthermore, using a remote control, it is possible, depending on the mood, choose the color of the lighting.
Also Beware of protection (IP) of your lighting, IP 24 minimum for Outside! Feel free to read our article on how to choose a garden fixture.

  1. Choose bulbs for outdoor vigilantly.

The bulbs compact fluorescent do not like the outdoors and are cautious! In winter, they deteriorate rapidly; summer, they resent the heat.
The too powerful lighting such as spotlights can grill the vegetables of your deck.
For all exterior lights, we recommend light fixtures and bulbs to LED technology, the ideal solution to enhance the elements characteristics of your garden.

  1. And finally, ensure that the electrical installation standards.

Improper wiring can be dangerous, especially if you have toddlers ages. It must meet the standards.
For any modifications: contact an electrician; no tinkering to avoid accidents (badly buried son, little or no seal provided)!
All lighting devices for use in a garden must always comply with the EN 60598-2-1 standard.