Frequently asked Questions on the LED

Find the answer to your questions on LED in this compilation of the most asked questions.

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In Which Case Use The Leds?

Currently the LED technology can replace virtually all sources of traditional lights. Because of their low consumption and their rapid depreciation, they are especially recommended in areas that make a long-term use of light.

Led Bulbs Deteriorate?

LED bulbs, like all technology products, have a limited life span. However the LED bulbs have a very long service life (35.000/50.000 hours) useful and only stop working when the electronic device inside melts. It must also take into account that all do not have the same quality according to the healthvv.

Can What Savings Be Achieved Thanks To The Led?

The volume of energy savings depends mainly on the number of hours that the bulbs are lit (they are on for a long time, most economies are important) and type of bulb to replace. A LED bulb consumes about three times less than a light bulb low consumption and eight times less than an incandescent light bulb or halogen spot.

Heat Affects The Led Bulbs?

Although the LED bulbs generate very little heat compared to the traditional (about 80% less than halogens) it is important that they are equipped with a good heatsink and they are installed in a ventilated place.

The number of ignition affect the duration of leds?

No. LEDs emit very little heat, do not suffer from sudden change of temperature: this is why turn them on and turn them off does not affect them. However, it is advisable to turn off the light when you don’t use it, because besides saving energy, will contribute to cooling of the lamps, and therefore extend their life.

Are the leds cold whites more efficient than leds warm white?

Yes, the cold white LEDs contain less phosphorus and their efficiency is slightly higher than that of the warm white LEDs.

Is Lighting Led Flash?

The lighting of the LED occurs immediately and generates 100% of the light from the first moment, without blinking.

There’s a Little Luminescence Which Does Not Disappear Even When The Led Is Off. What For?

It is possible that switch cuts the neutral wire instead of the phase wire and the LEDs continue to be connected to it. In the case of a lamp connected directly connected to the network (e.g. ceiling), means that the electric installation does not meet the standard, forcing the switch to cut off the power in the phase wire. If this happens to a lamp connected to the network by a plug, we solucionne by unplugging and reconnecting with the position of the reversed cards.

What Is a Driver/Driver?

The driver is a small power supply electronics contained in the LED and who provides the voltage and amps needed to operate.

Driver external or internal?

If it is possible to choose, it is preferable to install the LED with external driver. So, we split up the chip LED of the driver (the main source of heat).

Is It Possible To Connect Variables Led Bulbs Using My Old Dimmer?

As a general rule, you must use a special dimmer or dimmer for LED light bulbs. You can find them in our online store.