Explosion-proof Lighting

Absolute reliability, and thus ensuring the safety in the workplace, is one of the most important qualities of our LED products. The German light rent is therefore constantly strive to adapt their best LED lighting industry to the needs of our customers. Therefore we rely in the installation of LED products in hazardous areas, the quality of our partner R. STAHL.

  1. STAHL can boast decades of experience for explosion protection as a leading supplier of products, systems and services. Wherever explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts may occur, help prevent explosions STAHL products. As a traditional German company with more than 80 years experience in the field of explosion protection, R. STAHL offers all types of protection of electrical explosion protection. As R. STAHL also has broad expertise in both the light-planning, lighting design as well as in the LED technology for hazardous and harsh environments, the competent and flexible company is the ideal partner for the German Lighting hire at special conversions in hazardous areas.

LED lights are generally characterized by high resistance and resilience of. Through features such as high vibration resistance, they are particularly suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments in industrial plants. By working with R. STAHL which can German light Rent now offer the perfect lighting system for enterprises with potentially explosive atmospheres.