Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Modern light sources such as LED or compact fluorescent lamps are very energy efficient. But these energy-saving lamps to replace the good old 75-watt bulbs, which may no longer be produced since September 2010, also in terms of brightness and color of light?

When, the New Bulbs From Illuminating a Real Alternative to 75-Watt Bulb Is?

So far, it is customary to quote the luminosity on the wattage. That should change from 1 September, 2010. Main unit will be the luminous flux of a lamp indicates emitted light power or quantity. It is measured in lumens. The importance of the new unit will be illustrated graphically by the lumen-specification must appear larger on the packaging. But about how much lumen has an illuminant have to a 75-watt light bulb to replace? “In about 900 lumens,” says Christine Bruns from the Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen. For a 60-watt bulb, which may no longer be produced since September 2011, there are approximately 600 lumens.

Which Energy-Saving Lamps Provide Light of The Color of her an Alternative to The Light Bulb is?

The common stereotype is that although bulbs waste energy , but produce an unrivaled warm light. Regarding the warm glow that theory wrong. The light color or color temperature of the lamp determines whether we perceive light as a hot or cold. It is measured in Kelvin. Please note: the less Kelvin, the warmer the light appears. Fördergemeinschaft “Good Light” distinguishes three categories:warm white (below 3300 Kelvin), neutral white (until 3300 5300 Kelvin ) and daylight white (about 5300 Kelvin). Who in future would not want to do without a warm light, so it must be ensured that the Kelvin number of new light source remains under 3300th

Which Energy Saving Lamp is the Color Rendering Her An Alternative to The Light Bulb?

The color rendering index indicates how natural colors under artificial lighting are perceived as LED bulbs. Indicated is that the color rendering index Ra. If the value is 100, all appear colors of course. In practice, a value from 80 well and from 90 is very good.There are halogen lamps, which even reach an amount of 100.

For What Purpose The Energy Saving Lamp is Intended to Serve?

The new bulbs partially differ in the start time , start-up time and the maximum number of switching cycles. Start time is: How long does the lamp to tackle. Lead time is: How long will it take until it has developed 60 percent of its luminosity. And the maximum number of switching cycles said: How often can be a lamp on and off, until it is over. These three properties are sometimes linked. Slow start and restart times interfere when light is needed quickly. At the same time, however, they can have a positive effect on the level of the number of switching cycles. For alamp that is equipped with a motion sensor and is often turned on and off, no should the air be selected with a slow start and start-up time. The situation is different in a location which is illuminated continuously or only rare. Here one can certainly also a lamp Select with long lead times.

Tip: Make sure that the new bulbs dim blank. Not all can do this.