Energy Revolution Germany – Support for LED Industrial Technology

A real energy turnaround can only succeed with the increased use of LED technology. Not only experts and scholars are convinced. Is increasingly gaining acceptance in politics, the conviction by that current and future global challenges can only be taken at a national and international coordinated energy policy in attack. Among the most important measures will include the increased promotion of energy saving technologies, on the consumer side particularly of LED lighting technology.

UNESCO has under the slogan “Light for Change – light for change,” the year of the light in 2015 proclaimed. Try Internetiest for LED bulbs. Following this example, the German government has decided, in the sense of a sustainable and secure future rebuild their own energy supply fundamentally. But it promotes and supports applied research in the field of energy efficient technologies. The German light rent in turn makes the development and dissemination of the latest energy saving LED lighting industry a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the energy transition in Germany.

The energy transition covers all three areas of electricity, heat and mobility, and in particular the move away from fossil energy sources in their use of material as in the plastics or fertilizer production. A computer connected to the energy transition carbon exit and oil exit means constitutes systematic investigation and enforcement of alternative energy sources. Key elements of the turnaround are therefore the expansion of renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency and the implementation of energy saving measures in consumption.