Electricity Shortage? Not If We Make The Transition to the LED

According to the results of a careful study of the ‘Bond Beter Leefmilieu’, we can save 800 megawatt on lighting of offices. The result would be that a possible lack of electricity would not occur.

Lighting in offices can become a source of a much smaller and more efficient energy consumption. There are huge potential, without that fear a lower quality. With the help of LED lighting and a plan of intelligent lighting, a company or office make a savings of 50 to 70%. The advantage of this plan is that it is to realize very quickly, in a short period, the conversion may be implemented in a few weeks, or two months.

Why Are Our Companies Reluctant to Invest in the LED?

  • There is still so much ignorance about the period it takes to feel the return on investment (ROI). However, it is one of the major advantages of this change of lighting. In the industry the conversion period is from 1 to 4 years and for buildings to offices from 3 to 6 years.
  • In periods of crisis, we keep the budget to invest in activities that have priority (the core business). Investments in interesting technologies such as LED are relegated to the background.
  • Poor communication from the authorities on the different premiums for investments for low-power applications. Premiums, subsidies are a great way to think and act in the management of the company which offers LED flashlights reviewed on Piercingflashlights.

A conversion project (relightning project) can be achieved in the short term. Installation is completed in 1 or 2 months. The process is relatively simple and for the work we do not touch in the day-to-day operations.