Eglo Lighting Catalogue 2015

Eglo lamps! Large supplier of lamps on the Web

We have fallen in love with us in the (many!) beautiful Eglo lamps as found. There’s even something for everyone. Eglo has a catalogue with lamps which are larger than the Bible, if we may say so-big is it anyway and there will be only more. With lamps which may cover existing Eglo your entire house need. So whichever lamp you need, we can help you further with beautiful Eglo lamps at great prices.

Our knowledge of Eglo is that they deliver products of good quality, but still with prices which are to pay for “ordinary” people-and it is exactly that which we have fallen for. Eglo lights look through and let yourself finally just tempt!

Are you looking for more Eglo lamps? So just search on the net. We have not all Eglo lamps on the site since the catalog is simply huge! But we have tried to find the holes we have on the page and fill them out with Eglo lamps. So it will so good could happen, that we have not just the lamp from Eglo as you know or have seen in a store. You can both view the catalogs or all the items on the Eglo’s own website.
Eglo Toreno LED Spot

Size: 1 Spot L13 cm. H9, 5 cm. 2 Spot L24 cm. H9, 5 cm. 4 Spot L24 cm. H9, 5 cm
Brand: Eglo Lighting
Color (s): white
Dimmable: no, Not possible
Light source: 1, 2 or 4 5W GU10 LED (light sources included)

Eglo Toreno LED Spot
Super trendy spot that you can select in 3 sizes, 1, 2 or 4 spot.
They have all included LED GU10 bulb which gives a nice warm white light.
The bulbs can be adjusted so they can light to where you need it
Select what fits in with you.

Eglo Toreno LED Spot