Earth Hour 2015

The EARTH HOUR 2015 was a great success and a strong sign of its international environmental awareness. She found last Saturday, March 28, from 20:30 instead of 21:30. From Antarctica to the International Space Station: In 172 countries and territories extinct in more than 7,000 cities and communities for an hour the lights. More than 1,400 famous monuments and famous buildings were blacked out in the action.

At the central event for Germany had World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) called. The organization enters with a high commitment to increased energy conservation and a reduction of greenhouse gases. “The Earth Hour broke all records this year and was a clear sign of the decision-makers at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. There a global agreement is to be decided in December, the clearly limited below two degrees global warming, “said WWF spokesman Franko Petri.

The first Earth Hour originated from an environmental protection campaign of WWF-Australia, which had the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the largest Australian city of Sydney within 12 months by 5%. March 31, 2007 should be made by the symbolic switching off of lights from 19:30 to 20:30 local time on the energy consumption caused by unnecessary lighting and other power consumption and savings.