Do It Yourself: Renewing a Classic Lamp with Colors Fluorine

Fluor colours are antique decorative accessories and fashion also, as we combine both because it’s our thing. If we have at home something old with a beautiful shape that we want to modernise through color, We don’t need much more than a can of paint of the desired color to achieve this.

In the case of a lamp There is another important detail to keep in mind that it is cable, if we change the color of the lamp to see renovated and more modern, We must also take advantage to change the cable one who believes in contrast to another tone. When the cable will not be hidden but in view, it is nonsense to try to disguise it, best thing to do is to make you beautiful.

In this particular case the lamp has been painted with spray paint, clear that I do not recommend much do so thus pointing toward the ceiling, my advice is I dismounted the lamp, we lower it to the ground and put it on a few newspapers. Already can not only that stain ceiling and walls, but because if we paint up some dust from paint will fall upon us.

It will also be necessary to remove it to change the cable, so that should be no problem. Before painting remove bulbs and we can protect the interior of caps with a paper or similar so that no staining. When the paint dry again the lamp into place and the result will be surprising.