Do It Yourself: a Lamp Made with Clips

In my old House, I used to lay in the courtyard of lights, so often Tong went to the neighbour of the first terrace. I remember having to buy a package of clips every three or four weeks, and assuming that the rest of the people in the building it happen the same, the upstairs neighbor had to have a cache of clips descomunal.

David Olschewski It must be one of those recipients of clips, only that instead of throwing them in the trash, accumulate them in a box or return them from residents, has happened to give them a new use. So he took a little glue and began beating them one above the other, to build this small lamp made with clips.

If you do not like the form that has given you, you can always think your own; clamps are very suffered, adapt to whatever. And if you want to give it a Note color, wood clamps can be replaced by other colors.