DIY Chandeliers Lighting

Creative hobbies

Pascale Flechelles is creative at Bloo Lands, a brand of original and festive LED candles. Today, she shows us how to make a chandelier plant safe, ideal to illuminate your holiday and your evenings in the garden.

What you will need

Thanks to Pascale, you will create a green chandelier. For this, please bring pen of 1 cm thick cardboard, a pencil to paper, a fine cutter, of white glue, green gouache of a brush painting, a little water, of a dive to skewer, LED candles, a pair of scissors, 3 meters of Ribbon, one meter of seamstress, universal glue, foam plant, and pins. Finally, visit the site of Bloo Lands to download the pattern of the plant chandelier.

DIY Chandeliers Lighting

Make the base of your chandelier

First, see your boss on a plate of cardboard pen. Using the end cutter, cut out and book the two outer rings of the large disc. Cut also the small 10 discs, and remove their central part, you put aside. Fix sconces created with white glue in the slots provided for this purpose on each of the cut rings. Then, in full cover – the latter green gouache to cardboard pen is more distinguishable through the foam.

Make the editing of your chandelier

Using your spade to skewer or any other similar tool, drill your rings to the place of the blue markers on the boss; Rotate slightly your Spades to mark clearly the hole. Grab your tape, and cut into three equal parts. Take your small disks set aside. Poke them in the Center and drag one of the ribbons, pushing using your spade, then fix it by doing a double knot. Then pass this Ribbon through one of the landmarks of the outer ring, and pull until it locks with the disc. Measure 23 cm of Ribbon from the surface of the ring: make a knot. Drag another small drive across the Ribbon to the node; fix it. Pass the Ribbon in one of the landmarks of the inner circle until the disc hold all. Do the same for your other two strips of Ribbon.

Realize the foam base decoration

Choose pieces of foam easily large enough to be willing. Paper your rings of universal glue and apply your foam. You can use pins to fix the pieces that a fur is not totally. You have to remove them once the glue has dried.Finally, have your 10 LED candles on the chandelier.
Follow the advice of Pascale, Bloo Lands, for making a chandelier plant without danger.
Find Bloo Lands on the living room designs & know-how, which will be held from 13 to 17 November 2013 in Paris, door of Versailles.