Different Types of Lamps for Office

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So the choice of your office lamp can greatly affect your work environment, both positively and negatively. The importance of light is important because 80% of the sensory input is achieved via the eyes, and therefore is the proper task lighting of great importance to your well being and health, when you sit long at your desk.

Do you have a large desk, so you need an office lamp with a powerful light source and high light scattering?

If you work at a small desk with limited space, you should choose a table lamp with less powerful brightness and light scattering. You must also take into account your work situation. Is it very variable, so you need lighting on the entire table surface? Then you should choose a lamp with high flexibility. It can be either a lamp on foot, you can easily rearrange the table according to where you need the light, or it may be a lamp movable arm that can quickly and easily be adjusted around.

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