Designer LED Lamps

What happens when you tear old styles from their environment and bring in new ones? Emergence may well interesting facilities, such as “glass”, a pendant lamp by Foscarini Diesel and shows. Your encounters a product that captures a breath of the past industrial times.

“Glass” is reminiscent in design strongly to industry and labor. But not where “all better” was the current factories, but the old decades. The lamp with the Chrome interface is hung as a pendant light over the room and can be easily removed with an increased cable length from the opening in the ceiling.

It is interesting how the lamp works in the current environment. So you meet during the day on a reflective surface and a massive chain that fit well with real wood furniture but also strongly influenced by metal-dominated areas. Things will then at night. Because then “glass” with a pleasant direct light that brings the classic style in your apartment lights.

The lamp is available in different sizes and should therefore be adapted to the particular environment. with such advantages, the convenient E27 socket allows use you economical LED lamps or other light sources.

Where “glass” is expected to do well

Because of their industrial design to “glass” suitable for any environment where some strength is welcome. This can work and living room, less but the bedroom or bathroom to be. Due to its function as a pendant lamp placement on tables is interesting.

Who has impressed for “glass” and wants to enjoy the work of Diesel and Foscarini in his own home, the lamp can be conveniently located on get Light order. There you will also find some more designer lamps that are worth a closer look. For a better Einsteig I recommend the bottom “Outlet”.