Decorate with Applique

By one of those things that happen, I had in my head that anyone already decorated with applique. When said me that Word, I thought of my grandmother, in an old House Hall, where wiring was not going through the roof, so the Hall was illuminated by a pair of appliques, one on each side in sections different so that the light is distributed.

The truth is that lately in modern houses I’m going them to run, so I thought it me twice and I decided to see what their decorative possibilities. As the image that there is on these lines has great force, start it: what if you furnish putting many applique?

You will probably think that it is an extreme solution and can that it is not well, but I propose to imitate the picture that heads this post and let some appliqués without bulb or simply without plug. The visual impact is first (if not all full of cables) and even more so if each is different from the rest. I like the retro feel that give the different screens and how it combines perfectly with the rest of the stay.

Sconces are ideal for placement on a wall if by the roof has no place to place bulbs, but can also be used as dramatic light. I like a lot the applique to children They have fun ways and that, although less than the ceiling lamps light up, that they soothed them as light for night. Even in the beds where there is no place for bedside tables, sconces give us the perfect light to read without destroy us eyes.

Another ideal place where to place a wall is in the area of stair. Right now I am thinking about a friend of mine who has opted for this solution, since hanging a ceiling lamp was going to be very high and so couldn’t see at all times where treading. This friend chose a rectangular wall which placed vertically to make two flights of stairs will illuminate.

Finally, the appliques are also great for enlighten our favorite picture. I have seen this way of illuminating much when I was little, but I’ve noticed that has become, especially since the DIY stores have facilitated the installation of these lamps only without works.

I encourage you to leave you standard and some applique in your hallway or in your living room, handing out light on other sides. Perhaps this bulb is not as portable as a floor lamp or a floor lamp, but the wall screens satisfy either its function and will give you the warm and romantic atmosphere that you are looking for.