Customer Reference VIII.

Even sports halls benefit from a conversion to LED lighting. Because in addition to an increase in energy efficiency and the illumination of the halls is significantly improved. This positive experience also made the sports venue operators the UP Kletterzentrum Oldenburg, the Ground surrounded his climbing hall and tennis courts on advanced LED technology.

Before switch hung both in the climbing gym as well as in the four field Tennis Hall outdated sodium vapor lamps and halogen lamps. So had about tennis player after having inserted coin machine wait a few minutes until the full light output in the square stood by and they could start training. The lighting was very expensive due to the high power consumption. The built-in two sports venues lamps many years ago were no longer sustainable and should therefore by modern, efficient lighting systems be replaced. Instead to make large investments and thus to bind Ver-one funds for an acquisition, the Board decided that, “Made in Germany” in the context of an LED lighting tailored lighting concept inexpensive in the German light rent to rent.

The tennis courts and the ten meter high climbing walls of Oldenburg climbing center are glare-free and therefore significantly better illuminated after conversion through the use of three- and four-flame hall ceiling spotlights. They guarantee a uniform lighting of the climbing gym with strong Lichtintensitä t that captures every part of the climbing and bouldering walls. Because especially in bouldering, the free climbing without safety rope, safety comes first. “With rented LED lighting eliminates the Oldenburg climbing and tennis athletes the risk to invest in lamps that are not optimally designed for the requirements of tennis or climbing structure”, describes Marco Hahn, Director Marketing and Sales at German Lighting rental, a further significant advantage of benefiting innovative rental model. The private operator of tennis and climbing plant that get no Government grants are generally, but not only for economic reasons of the rental concept of the German light rent convinced. For the nature-loving climbing fans it is very important to enjoy their hobbies not only taking advantage of energy-saving, but also environmentally conscious bulbs. The rented LED lamps reduce CO2 emissions considerably and are also fully recyclable.

Under the lease the designed German light rent for both sports centers the complete LED lighting systems and without any investment. When using the high-quality LED-hall ceiling spotlights save the gymnasium operator after deducting total monthly rental rate is still a 15 to 35 percent of the total cost so far for lighting. The extremely high-quality LED lights recorded even with frequent cycles of a very long life, thereby reducing maintenance costs.