Create a Brighter Decor

The lighting in interior decoration is very important. Unfortunately not always we have enough natural light to illuminate our House, but today we will give you solutions and tricks to increase the illumination and clarity in your interior.

The first thing we must bear in mind (especially if you don’t count with sufficient natural light) is the choice of colours, both the walls and the floor. Light colors favor the brightness, clarity and grandeur of the spaces. So you should choose light colors white, beiges, Browns, etc.


A trick is to paint the wall opposite the window with light tones so that all light that is exploited to the maximum, between reflecting your light to the rest of the House. You want to give a little joy to your walls? Paint two or three walls of light colours and to make contrast paints a wall one color more vivid.

The roofs must also take them into account. If these have a dark color will give us a sense of inferiority. Ideally, paint them a solid color, preferably of the same color as the walls.


Now the choice of accessories. These have more influence in the style of the decor in the clarity of the same, since it is through them that we can give you life to the environment. If the choose also light the space be too pale.

So opt for brighter colors that convey warmth. Reds, oranges, Greens, etc. Colors can be chosen to your taste, but don’t forget the rules of 3 colors: don’t use more than 3 colors on your decoration or be charged too much.


In relation to materials opts for lightweight fabrics. On the curtains uses fabrics that let light through, obviously. Choose white or slightly shiny materials. A mirror can also be an ideal complement. This will cause all the light they receive space multiplies.

The trick is to install the mirrors on the walls in front of the Windows. All the natural light will be out shot for the rest of the space. One last advice on accessories: prevents the accumulation. Too many objects can increase the feeling of inferiority and eliminate the luminosity.


And we end with another essential thing in time to give light to a space: the choice of light sources. The most important is potentially the most of natural light. Don’t hide the main light source or block the Windows. Better a minimalist space that let all the light that a beautiful decoration that has to be illuminated with artificial light.

There are parts of the House that need more natural light than others. A room or a kitchen are spaces that need more life, but places like the area of television or even the bathroom doesn’t need that much.


A little trick to increase the sensation of light during the day is to let lit a small lamp. This will bring a touch of extra light and heat to the environment. Depending on the type of lamps you choose also create an environment or other. The halons give a light more intense than LED lamps, which create spaces of greater relaxation.