Conversion of a Ceiling Lamp on RGB

All that is important for the construction, you get taught here. In one simple image description you can transform step by step your lamp into a really great apartment accessory. The colored lighting brings immediately a pleasant mood in your living room. Even if you want to remodel your lamp only on a color or white, you can use this guide. Here, you then do not need a controller and build instead of controlling a dimmer. But enough of long words. Let’s start.

Valuable tool, what you absolutely have to make
electric screwdriver
side cutter
BATTERY – screwdriver with appropriate drill bit

Material for the conversion 1 electronic LED transformer, round type 1 Meter RGB LED Strip with controller and remote control 2 wire nuts 1 plastic pipe (L = 12 – 14cm, diameter 3cm) (DIY) DC connector with screw locking clips of breakfast bags (Is in each bag pack back) ceiling lamp of your choice (in my case an IKEA hanging lamp “REGOLIT” + IKEA lamp attachment HEMMA ) in addition, I recommend buying an additional power supply in order to test the function of the lamp safely without power can. Most of these power supplies are when buying a LED Streifenkomplettset with it.