Contemporary Fixtures, but with Classic Design

Side table, marble Portal, and light fixtures with a Tassel, each module.

One of the charms of the design classic is your beauty. With that in mind, the design studio Apparatus, of New York, recently launched two series of lamps, Circuit and Tassel, and a mobile, Portal, which reflect this idea, but with a contemporary twist.

According to Gabriel Hendifar, Creative Director of the brand, the two new collections of lamps have inspirations. The Circuit displays futuristic lines, while the Tassel recalls the traditional crystal chandeliers, that decorated the designer’s House during your childhood.



Lamp Circuit with 6 modules



Lamp Circuit, with 7 modules, alternating between double and single

The elegant design of light fixtures Circuit creates rhythm through repetition of simple forms, with a glass capsule encased in a bronze structure. This same piece can be found in a unique way or in different arrangements proposed by the designer.



Light fixtures Circuit 1 and 3 Tassel



57, with Tassel lamp modules

Already the Tassel displays impressive lines. Is composed of glass tubes bound in brass rings, alluding to a classic chandelier. The lighting is plentiful because the light beams pass through the glass-blowing cylinders and reflect in the metal.


The lighting proposals are becoming more bold and original, giving to the decorative piece status lamps par excellence.

Available in several sizes, the tables of the line Portal seeking the proportions of ancient, structures connect the experiences of current daily life. The parts produced in a sophisticated black Italian marble feature robust design and sumptuous lines, complementing the set of releases.