Comfort And Well-Being With Planned Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role, podenso increase the willingness of people to daily tasks

Well-being in everyday life of a person is directly influenced by the quality of the lighting and the comfort provided by the environment. Although often does not receive due attention, the quantity of light must be adapted to each room, according to the activities carried out on site. Lighting plays a very important role, since it may increase the willingness of people to everyday tasks, as well as the motivation and performance. Safety and health are also factors related to the correct luminosity because assist in accident prevention.

But how to join comfort, efficiency and economy when it comes to lighting? The answer is simple: planning. It is advisable to define how many points are needed and what kind of product is more appropriate. In spaces. ask for more clarity, such as reading, for example, a light focused and is more efficient. TV room, the light can be cooler in harmony with the image of television. The planning also helps the economy of electric energy. At home, one of the most appropriate ways to contain costs is to replace the incandescent bulbs with fluorescent (compact or cored), because they are up to 80% cheaper than common incandescent, making it an excellent tool against waste.

The color (hue) of the lamp also influences the comfort. Few consumers know, but fluorescent lamps can be produced in yellowish shades, bluish or neutral and each of them have your property. The white-yellow is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, since they refer to comfort and coziness and feeling of tranquility; the bluish-white is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, because they spend a feeling of cleanliness and freshness and keep people more active; and the white-neutral makes clear environments without interfering in the activities carried out on that site.

It might seem that to illuminate an environment just install a light bulb in place, but after these tips, we note that a luminaire design well done makes all the difference. If in doubt, consult a professional to guide you on the best way to achieve the expected result. You will have a huge surprise with the result of this new lighting, since certain sites are more beautiful and attractive at night, with the aid of lighting during the day.