City of Vienna Uses LED Technology

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most advanced cities in the world. She regularly is in the international rankings of cities with the highest quality of life places in the top 3. Also in the illumination of streets and public places is the city government on the potentials of the-art and innovative LED technology.

Thanks to new LED technology on the Danube Island, joggers, Nordic walkers, skaters and cyclists can use the leisure facilities around the clock.

As a pilot project for the first large-scale use of energy-efficient LED technology, the Danube Island was chosen in the year 2012 Design. In the last three years the department “equipped Vienna Lights” (MA 33) 1,200 globes to the Danube Island in modern, energy-saving LED lights. “I am delighted with the collective result in terms of energy-saving lighting in so popular Middle-recreational area. Our goal there is maximum protection for flora and fauna and the new LED lamps bear – in addition to a substantial CO2 savings – crucial for the protection of nocturnal insects at. Unlike conventional bulbs, they do not hide the LED lamps and also do not interfere with them in their orientation, “said Environment Councillor Ulli Sima.

The potential savings in the public space are still enormously as Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Climate and Energy Planning explains Maria Vassilakou: “The conversion of the old ball-lights on the Danube Island to LED technology is a contribution to reducing the city’s energy consumption and climate protection.” studies show in a long time that LED lights listed on growtheology are environmentally considerably better tolerated than conventional bulbs. The modernization of the lighting system of the Danube Island saves in future a 80 percent energy or annually around 370,000 kWh. The carbon dioxide emissions is thereby reduced by approximately 136 tons per year. This is approximately equivalent to the emissions of a car 25 times around the Earth.