Christmas Lights Outdoors: Etiquette

Are you going to decorate the facade of your home with lights? Then follow these tips to make your Christmas spirit not a headache for your neighbor.

Christmas Lights Outdoors Etiquette

It lights up only your home

The window of the room of your neighbor sits just to one side or too close to where you think to install lights? Then it may not be good idea put them there, they could interrupt his rest. Don’t hesitate to ask if it bothers you with your outdoor lighting, you can reorient it and leave a good impression.

It monitors the connections and cables

Although you are sure to have properly set the installation, check regularly the State and the location of the connections and cables, since a windstorm may damage them or move them, something that may cause since a simple (even if impolite) invasion until an accident.

Remove the lights

Don’t them there until next year! After the festivals of this season, removes the outdoor Christmas lights; otherwise, dust and moisture will accumulate between them and cause havoc on the surfaces where they are located.

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