Choose the Right Spotlight

You have chosen to install spots embedded in your living room? Here are a few key elements to decide without fool you.

Available and the number of spots in this piece of essential life what is the show depends on its size and the available ceiling height. And to get a homogeneous illumination of 300 lux minimum per meter square with your spots, you will also need to determine the number and spacing.

A few rules to know for recessed spots

Key point for recessed spots: you must implement in an existing ceiling or to create. Beware, there will be a minimum distance of 10 cm below the ceiling and it will take away the spots of 50 cm from flammable materials to avoid any risk of overheating or even fire. Be aware that there are protective bells specific to place on the back of the spots to separate this insulation in the ceiling. Finally, some spots to Leds require less embedment depth.

Choose the right number of spots built-in

For good lighting, count between 200 and 300 lux per square meter. Define a type of spots with or without transformer, halogen or leds and check the spot chosen Lux illumination. There a halogen spot from 30 to 50 watts per square meter. To remember: for a show of 5 x 5 meters, with a ceiling height standard, it is advisable to use 23 spots (12 volt low voltage) 35 watts or 11 spots to 50 watts. Choose a warm white lighting of 2700 Kelvin for a cozy light.

Opt for decorative destination spots

Avoid a too grid distribution of spots in the ceiling but be sure to use regular intervals and a good alignment.Imagine the future areas of your space: living, zome dining area and use implantation to highlight them and enlighten them. The spots may not dazzle you or create shadows. Avoid placing them at the back or at the base of the couch or the backs of the chairs. Know that there are spots recessed with the flow back backwards to anti-glare lighting. Finally, don’t forget to add adjustable periphery spots if you want to enhance wall decorative elements, such as tables or walls to effect of materials.

Tip: place small remaining pellets to simulate and control the implementation of your future spots before the piercing.
Not to do: too large intervals between spots create shade.

The ‘more’ Laurie: equip your spots of a light dimmer that brings a much appreciated usability. And mix recessed spots fluocompacts with Recessed spotlights halogen 12 volts for a lower energy consumption and quality of light.