Choose Ribbon LED Bulbs

Today, LED lighting is currently more popular. LED RIBBONS are one of the most common products of the market, whether to light below the kitchen cabinets or to create mood lighting…

When comparing the LED strips, they all differences and there are some settings that can help us to determine which are most appropriate for each use.

The following features will help us choose what model of led strip that fits our needs:

  1. tension.
  2.  power.
  3. chip/chip type.
  4. quantity of LED per meter of Ribbon.
  5. the flexibility of the Ribbon.
  6. the color or color temperature of the LED.
  7. degree of impermeability (IP Classification).
  8. the power supply / transformer.
  • 1. voltage:

Ribbons of LED SMD chip work in continuous tension (the more usual to 12, 24 or 230 volts). That’s why we need an AC – DC supply which converts AC current continuous, which transforms in turn the tension of Ribbon work.

The maximum length of the segments of tape depends on his power: thus, a 12V LED Strip supports a maximum length of 5 m connection, a Ribbon of 24V allows you to connect up to 10 m and a Ribbon LED 230V up to 50 m like wall lights featured on

LED ribbons at 230 volts only need of a converter, supplied by the manufacturer, with which we obtain savings in materials and installation (no need for additional drivers or transformers)

  1. power:

The leds are a highly efficient form of lighting. However, depending on the model, some chips use more or less energy. Determine if the energy efficiency of LED Ribbon is sufficient, to divide the amount of LUMENS produced by the number of WATTS what she need (“lumens/Watt”).


  1. The size and type of led smd:

The size of the LED affects the luminous flux. Four models of LED are available:

SMD 3528

  • Taille of LEDs: 35mm x 28mm – light sweet.
  • Puissance: 0.07. W / Led.
  • Petits and weak, they can be grouped in large quantities. Ideal for interior lighting or lighting (shelves, stairs or tables or window frames).

SMD 5050

  • Taille of LEDs: 50mm x 50mm – light shining.
  • Puissance: 0.24. W / Led.

Chip ·cette, 40% larger than the SMD 3528, contains three light-emitting chip and led a broader output. Ideal for commercial and domestic use (high ceilings, indoor and outdoor lighting…).

SMD 5630

The led ·Taille: 56mm x 30mm – light SUPER bright.

  • Puissance: 0.25 W. / Led.
  • led SMD 5630 is a time and a half more powerful than a LED SMD 5050. Ideal for commercial and domestic lighting (high ceilings, large space for indoor and outdoor lighting, large rooms…).

SMD 2835

The LED ·Taille: 28mm x 35mm – light very bright.

  • Puissance: 0.15 W. / Led.
  • led SMD 2835 is the most efficient. It contains a larger heatsink and generates a more intense light. Ideal for commercial and domestic use (high ceilings, large space for indoor and outdoor lighting, large rooms…).